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Chemical Toy Fare aka Austin’s Toy Show returns!



We’re helping our friends out again and hope you’ll join us Saturday March 28th (9-5pm) for another family fun filled day of toys, comics & cosplay inside Norris Convention Center – Austin.

Get tickets here & save time! BUY TICKETS NOW
Sell tickets online with Ticketleap

Admission is $5 (13 & over), free for kids (12 & under) and as always FREE PARKING!

More info here on Facebook or by calling 512-371-3550! Vendor tables are available!

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Austin’s Toy & Comic Show



We sell CDs & band merch at Out of the past collectibles , a little family run shop in Austin for over 25 years.

That same family sells hard tickets to our music events in their shop as well and to return the favor we’re offering tickets online for their upcoming toy & comic show that’s like a comic con without the “con”!

More info here on their Facebook page.

Meet & take free photos with members of the 501st (Stormtrooper’s), Austin Avengers & more!

Meet actors and talk about their upcoming projects & get your items signed!

Free parking & only $5 for anyone over 13 to enter, we really hope you’ll join us Saturday November 16th inside Norris Conference Center by purchasing your ticket now!

Buying your ticket online gets you a code for one FREE vintage comic book upon entry!

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Mr Hyde brings The Boogeyman Is Real Tour to Texas 10/13/19



Texas Hatchet Cartel has booked shows shows all over Texas within the past 11 years but for almost 10 years before that we were just a promotional company of brothers on a mission to “Take Texas Everywhere”.

Austin presents to you a night of some of our affiliates from these last 20 years and some new friends you are sure to want to come meet.

“We used to order Psychological Records releases direct from Uncle Howie over the phone & to come full circle by having Mr Hyde (& his Boogeyman is Real Tour) here for my birthday is an absolute honor. Speaking of full circle, it wouldnt be a Texas Hatchet Cartel party without the circle saw & axe involved in some way so when word of this event got out LSP’s very own INSANE POETRY stepped right up! More to come y’all so stay tuned & thanks for 20 great years (so far)!” – Austin

Sunday October 13th 7pm

Kick Butt Cafe 5775 Airport Blvd

Austin, Texas 78757

The Boogeyman Is Real Tour presented by Mr Hyde


Featuring Trouble Loc from Hobbs,NM

Keep up to date on this tour by clicking here to the Facebook event page

Check out this brand new Mr Hyde video here

“Verses from an unquite grave”

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Twice the fun in Austin



Monday 9/23/19 $12

After 2 years, Scum hits the road again with a packed snuff wagon bringing this DOUBLE FUNERAL to Kick Butt Cafe in Austin for a night that’s sure to leave bodies on the floor!

Scum is joined by none other then Rozz Dyliams & when two genres collide on a Texas Hatchet Cartel stage you know you’re in for a great night that’s sure to be remembered by all!

Most up do date info on our event page!

Tour performances by Scum, Rozz, YT & Nyro

Support performances by Nico, Clay-Doh the world destroyer, XSP & more TBA


Tickets are limited & available

$12 at the door – all ages – bar w/id

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Double Funeral in Austin



Celebrate life with us Monday September 23rd at Kick Butt Cafe in Austin when the snuff wagon rolls into town with LSP’s father of Gore, Scum !

Scum will be joined by none other then Rozz Dyliams, YT & Nyro for a tour that’s sure to leave bodies on the floor !

Tickets are limited & available here or by stopping by Out of the past collectibles (5341 Burnet Rd)

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Double Funeral in Austin



Celebrate life & death with us Monday September 23rd at Kick Butt Cafe in Austin as the snuff wagon rolls into town with LSP’s very own, Scum!

On his first solo tour in almost 2 years the anticipation of the new album from The Gorefather is sure to leave bodies on the floor!

Tour performances by Scum, Rozz Dyliams, YT & Nyro!

Plus more great acts TBA

Tickets are limited and available here or from Out of the past collectibles at 5341 Burnet Rd in Austin!

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MNE/LSP are coming to town!



Tickets are $20 at the door!

For over 10 years, Texas Hatchet Cartel has given the voiceless a stage to perform their art and Sunday March 10th will be no exception as we bring THE AXE IS FAMILY TOUR to the capital city!

The doors to Kick Butt Café open at 6pm with DJ Killa Mike on the one’s and two’s!

After our few hand picked artists perform (see event page for more info) the tour takes over the stage.

LSP’s MMMFD (Scum & Insane Poetry) are bringing the SNUFF WAGON back to Austin with everyone’s favorite boyz of murder, AXE MURDER BOYZ (AMB) and the 3 newest faces of HORROR on MNE, Alla Xul Elu (A.X.E)!

Facebook Event Page

Buy tickets at door – $20

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Late night with BLAZE in Austin !



Tickets are $15 at 9pm when we open doors for the show!

That’s right y’all, everyone’s favorite deadman is coming to Texas for the CULT CLASSIC CONVENTION Saturday & Sunday September 29th & 30th only!

Texas Hatchet Cartel brings BLAZE to KICK BUTT CAFE Sunday September 30th at 9pm for a late night of music that any horror fan is sure to die for!More info here Facebook Event Page

Dress to impress and sign up for our “MOST DEAD” Dead Man & Dead Girl competition, a first for Texas Hatchet Cartel!

Tickets are $11 online after fees or $15 at the door IF IT’S NOT SOLD OUT PRIOR TO DOORS.

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Look out Austin, you’re in the PATH OF DESTRUCTION! 



We’re proud to announce that we, Texas Hatchet Cartel, will be the hosts for the Austin invasion of PATH OF DESTRUCTION TOUR featuring Lex the HEX master, AMB & none other then The Gorefather himself, SCUM! Purchase discount tickets below now! 

LEX has been one of the coolest dudes we’ve had the pleasure of working with and we’re very excited for his new album release coming on MNE. Make CONTACT with him this February in Austin! 

Although this might be their first MNE album Axe Murder Boyz have invaded Texas 7 previous times with Texas Hatchet Cartel in multiple cities across this great state we call home. Welcome them to the MNE FAMILY & back to Texas 2/17/18!

What was once an idea for an EP has become a full length album but what did you expect from LSP’s very own SCUM? Album after album the bodies are LEFT BEHIND and if you’re not on the LSP life boat you’re likely to drown. Who’s ready for the Snuff Wagon to return to Austin? 

Click here for the event page and info! 

Tickets are available at the door!

See y’all in the pit! 

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Strange Music’s PROZAK in Austin



Prozak, is an American peace advocate, independent rapper and film director from Saginaw, Michigan. He was a member of Project:Deadman with Mike E. Clark as well as the group Bedlam.
In 2011, he officially signed with Strange Music, although he had previously released albums with the label.
Finally, Texas Hatchet Cartel brings PROZAK to Austin Wednesday August 23rd at Elysium (705 Red River) for STAGE FRIGHT (click for event page).
Tickets will be $25 at the door but you can purchase them online below or in Austin from Out Of The Past Collectibles at 5341 Burnet Rd for $20 (cash only).
Tickets are $20 in advance with a $1 online fee..
ALL AGES – 7pm


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