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Look out Austin, you’re in the PATH OF DESTRUCTION! 



We’re proud to announce that we, Texas Hatchet Cartel, will be the hosts for the Austin invasion of PATH OF DESTRUCTION TOUR featuring Lex the HEX master, AMB & none other then The Gorefather himself, SCUM! Purchase discount tickets below now! 

LEX has been one of the coolest dudes we’ve had the pleasure of working with and we’re very excited for his new album release coming on MNE. Make CONTACT with him this February in Austin! 

Although this might be their first MNE album Axe Murder Boyz have invaded Texas 7 previous times with Texas Hatchet Cartel in multiple cities across this great state we call home. Welcome them to the MNE FAMILY & back to Texas 2/17/18!

What was once an idea for an EP has become a full length album but what did you expect from LSP’s very own SCUM? Album after album the bodies are LEFT BEHIND and if you’re not on the LSP life boat you’re likely to drown. Who’s ready for the Snuff Wagon to return to Austin? 

Click here for the event page and info! 

Tickets are available at the door!

See y’all in the pit! 

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